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Get inspired and level up your OKR game with our OKR Database, a comprehensive database that contains over 1000 real-world OKR examples. Whether you’re just getting started or need to find the perfect OKR for a project, this database can help you find the right OKR for any situation.


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Increase company brand awareness and engagement
  • Create 1 content calendar and assign 3 team members
  • Increase media spending by 50% on Facebook in Q3
  • Design 5 TikTok campaigns and run brand awareness surveys
Reach objectives set by the management board
  • Receive 80% positive feedback during Q1
  • Reach 300 new customers
  • Generate $50m in revenue in Q1

Unlock 1000+ Real-World
OKR Examples with
Searchable Database

Coming up with effective OKRs is no easy task. That's why we created the OKR Studio Database. This database includes over 1000 real-world OKR examples for you to browse and use as inspiration for your own OKRs. Plus, to make it even easier to find what you need, the database is searchable, so you can quickly pinpoint the OKRs that best fit your needs.

Unlock the Power of OKR
with Seamless Exportability

With over 1000 real-world examples, you can easily search and find the OKRs that best suit your needs. And once you do, you can easily save and export them to any third-party software, allowing you to seamlessly integrate OKRs into your existing workflow and maximize their potential.


Here's what we found for you

Benefits of using our OKR database

With the OKR Studio Database, you can now access over 1000 real-world OKR examples, completely free.


Quickly Build

Spend less time writing OKRs and more time achieving them.

Save Time

By finding the right OKRs for your team without spending hours brainstorming.

Find Inspiration

With over 1000 real-world examples to help you get started.

Free To Use

Get access to the perfect OKRs without any cost.

Different Possibilities

With searchable filters to narrow down the examples.

Collaborate Easily

With team members on OKRs and get feedback in real.

What our customers say

Tired of coming up with your own OKRs? Get inspired with OKR Studio’s Database - now with over 1000 real-world OKR examples! Search and explore to find the right OKRs for your team.

William Chu, Picup Media

Awesome session! Thanks again, I’m excited to start building OKRs together.

Louis Strydom, Wärtsilä

What really sets OKR Studio apart for me is the simplicity and ease of use. It’s a superb tool to make OKRs real.

Danile Harrington, Migrate

OKR Studio's secret is in its simplicity that's why we love using it to underpin our business objectives.

Felix Wong, Ventureslist

Leverage insights and dictate your performance oriented strategy on OKRstudio.

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